Thought Provoking?

A Promotional Secret You May Know of but Possibly Never Tried, and it Can be Used when Doing Community Marketing!

Sometimes Finding a METHOD HOW to Know What Audience to Pursue is Quite a PUZZLE!

Going Digital Might Just Not be Your Thing

“USA,” do not worry, you do not have to “Go Digital” if you do not want to. Of course, even reading this, is not necessarily going to help you. All I can disclose, and share is what works for me.

Everyone, Including YOU has their Own Version of What “Going Digital” Means

To me “Going Digital” means having enough confidence within yourself to do it finally really. The “It” that I am speaking about is whatever it is that secretly terrifies you so you never actually move forward. You just read more. Do searches. Purchase eBooks and hard cover ones. Follow your gurus by subscribing to their newsletter. Read the newsletters. And so on and so forth.

If You Do Not Want to “Go Digital” then Stopping Reading this NOW

If you made the choice to continue to read this, that is terrific. Even if you are rolling your eyes and gagging while you take it in.

Going Digital Can Mean Offering Your Digital Products Online

Now when you first let the reader know that this is their invitation to get what you have, this is “Going Digital” whether the product you are putting in front of your audience (please don’t make me use the word “Tribe”) is digital or a physical item.

“Selling Online Could be Harder than You Think”

Obviously, the moment you decide to “Sell to Yourself” you have overcome a fear by breaking through the wall. Again, do not “Sell to Yourself” if you do not want to. But it really works.

METHOD HOW to Sell to Yourself including the SECRET HOW to Set Yourself Apart from You

All you must do is to give the green light to an introduction to the most important person you know. Who are you going to pursue? You meet you.” “You Meet You” really? Yes “You Meet You” really. More information to come!