Make, Publish and Sell a Profitable eBook

Are You Ready to Go Digital?

The time is now for the USA to go digital. Why? Because it is the reality of today’s business economy and is vital for survival. An option for going digital can include the writing, publishing, and selling of a nonfiction “How To” eBook that covers an area that is of interest to your customers.

A Form of Promoting

Authoring an eBook can not only empower your demographic but is a way of showing how you are a knowledgeable and top competitor in your industry. Writing an eBook can give you with a way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry while simultaneously teaching the reader how to use your products and services.

A Forum for Analysis

Authoring an eBook can provide you with a chance to reflect on your business category and the path you can take to digitize what you do for a living. In other words, writing about your industry, makes available to you the opportunity to mull on the mechanics of your industry. This opens a forum to contemplate methods you can use yourself to convert your in-person services (if any) into being able to be done digitally. Many businesses had to close during the pandemic because of their dependence on needing to be done in-person. If you have digital alternatives, it makes weathering the pandemic easier.

Self-Publishing Your eBook

Writing and preparing for the marketing and selling of your eBook can be as easy as writing a Microsoft Word document or even a Google Doc. If you need to use images to demonstrate and make clear processes within your industry, make certain the images do not infringe on the copyrights. Once you have completed the content of your eBook, you can then convert it into a PDF or whatever format is necessary to publish it. For example, Google Play Books requires that your file be either a PDF or an EPUB. Whereas a DOC or DOCX are all you need to sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle Books. Amazon will convert your files to its Kindle friendly format. Plus, you can sell your eBook digitally on your own website.