New Bullet Points of Digital Survival

Educate Yourself

Digital is now officially something to survive, meaning we now need it to continue our work on Earth as we know it. Digital makes the world go round and if you’re not a part of it, if you want to be a part of the economy, you must start educating yourself about it now.

Digital Domination

These days it’s hard to imagine our world without digital. And along these same lines, digital has made it possible to survive the Coronavirus. Without digital we would be at a loss of how to keep our businesses afloat. Think of it this way, if you did not have a digital conduit to what you do, how would you do what you do. Or even if the act of doing what you do does not require digital, promoting it does. Marketing is dominated by digital.

Still at the Core

So should we just give it over to digital with no attempts at changing our hunger for it. The answer is, yes, please continue to try to knock digital down, but the irony is that your presentation of this attempted knockdown is going to get to your readers, well, digitally.