USA Go Digital Wants to Help with Creating Change for People

“Moving Away from Frequently Proclaiming “Go Digital” says USA Go Digital

So, it turns out that the website with the name “USA Go Digital” has tired of being the spokesperson for the “Go Digital” movement and instead has joined forces with fellow USA sites, both USA Create and USA Online Business. Why have the three USA amigos come together? Says USAGD:

“I finally have gotten sick of communicating the importance of a digital business post COVID and instead want to focus on bringing America together. My mantra along with my two USA site comrades is like a lyric from a 60’s song: “Come together, right now.”

And as the USA Go Digital Rep Continued Talking

“Chances are that if you were not alive in the 1960’s you are likely unable to name the tune the line comes from. And that is okay. I was born in the early ‘60’s and have a hard time keeping up with members of my family, what is the latest hit music? What does it sound like? Is there a similarity between artists and types of music? In short, if people with different music likes and dislikes, we can certainly come together in the USA.”

You may have heard of the Three USAs which are the three websites USA Create, USA Online Business and of course this one: USA Go Digital. The three USA sites hope to unify themselves and in turn play a role in helping to lessen the division between the majority of Americans. Tall order you say? I would agree. But the key to what the three USAs are saying is that they are not trying to be the “It” solution but instead simply be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Something we can learn from the three USAs.

Speaking of unification and communication, a big deal in communication is solving the PROBLEM in need of a SOLUTION.

Problem: How do your reach the maximum amount of people if you have a uniting USA message of hope? Or even if you are an American small business trying to stay afloat after the damage of COVID. Either way you are likely looking for a simple and no cost way to achieve getting the message out. Surprisingly it is possible. And for free too, once you get everything setup of course. No. This is not an ad pretending to be post. Just some thoughts. The reality is that to make a difference can at times involve marketing.