Yianni Stamas on New Approach to Education for Startup Introverts

American Startup Introverts Can Use “Digital” to Be More Confident

Most people in business want to be successful. Why? There are different reasons for different people including wealth, fame and so on. But unfortunately, for some the “Success Process” is not always easy. An example of this are “Startup Introverts.” Daily they face hurdles while working on their entrepreneurial pursuits. You see, extraverts do not have the same socialization problems that introverts do. In otherwards what is super simple for an extravert, can be a major challenge for an introvert. Why? Because they are frequently uncomfortable in most social situations. It is not uncommon for a Startup Introvert to freeze up at an in-person party, and therefore unable to network. Sometimes there is the remote possibility of a few awkward chats with strangers, that basically go nowhere.

The Powerful, Yet Often Overlooked Simple and Easy Way to Build Loyalty!

But here now is the good side of things. There are some aspects of the business world that Startup Introverts do well in. Even though they lack networking skills, especially in-person, they do seem to have the ability to maintain loyalty of their customers, clients and audience. Why? It could have to do with a Startup Introvert being someone who values real relationships. They can often be more sensitive and empathetic, which are all qualities that are needed to build true friendships.

The Key to Loyalty, and Building Up Your Results, is this Proven Approach!

Startup Introverts often see themselves as not having all the advantages that extraverts do. Hence it is harder for Startup Introverts to plan out strategies for themselves due to all the limitations. Thankfully the “original” Startup Introvert, has been hard at work on a “Special Introvert Strategies Pipeline,” working with “Method How.” More to come!